Suez Canal - Emergency Safety Lighting

Light Tape® panels were used to create directional arrows in North and South Tunnel complex for the Port Said Tunnels project at Suez Canal.

Wickham House at The Valentine

Check out this cool little installation of our 1” Glacier White Light Tape strips along the stairway in the Wickham House at The Valentine. The curator and staff found that this dark stairwell was a hazard for tour groups, so a few Light Tape strips were a modern, efficient and effortless way to achieve egress lighting without drastically altering the historic staircase built in 1812.

Aerospace Accent Lighting

Light Tape® accents BE Aerospace seats for Emirates, United and other airlines.

Bus Shelter

Our .5" Classic Glacier White Light Tape® strips used as a secondary light to help visibility of this bus shelter. Light Tape® is frequently used in this application, as it can be seen in low visibility like fog.

Washington, DC Tunnel

Emergency lighting in an underground Washington, DC tunnel to help facilitate an evacuation. Blue-Green Light Tape® was used and the strips were mounted inside of our weather-proof Snap 'N' Light™ extrusion.

Kazakhstan's Almaty Subway Station

Media White Light Tape® panels

External Concrete Staircase Lighting

Business Gate - Saudi Arabia

Business Center in Saudi Arabia makes building the focal point against the night sky with Light Tape®’s exterior accent Snap-N-Light™ lighting system.

Spiral Staircase Safety Lighting

Metro Stop Backlighting

Egress wayfinding

Light Tape® provides safety and illumination with our exterior accent safety lighting.

Chile Tunnel

Illuminated information & safety lighting through a Chilean tunnels, insures all pedestrians are well informed of traffic and travel information.

Urbach Cranes

Motorcycle Backlighting