Learn why backlighting with Light Tape is the way to go, and how we are different than LEDs.

Getting Started

Backlighting doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Stick with us and we’ll remove the stress. It doesn’t matter if this is your first project or your thousandth. We’ll happily walk you through the process of backlighting your stone or surface step by step from beginning to end. We have plenty of experience working with homeowners, designers, and contractors. Ask us any question- we can help.

Picking Out Your Stone

We’ve worked with a lots of different surfaces in the past, and can help you determine what works best with Light Tape®. The more translucent the better. When considering Light Tape® over a traditional LED backlight, a more translucent surface works best since the light doesn’t have to be diffused. Because we don’t have individual bulbs, your surface will be evenly lit. If your surface is very opaque with minimal light penetrating, an LED solution might work best for you.

Here’s some great surfaces we know work well with Light Tape® because they’re the most popular:

Cristallo Quartzite

Honey Onyx

Blue Agate

Stained Glass

If you’re unsure about your surface click below to test it by doing our surface test. All you need is your phone flashlight!



Talk To The Right People

If you’re working with a stone fabricator, electrician or contractor, they should have a template of the stone, or the countertop. Generally, your contractor or electrician will install our Light Tape® panels. Feel free to have them contact us with any questions they may have.

If you’re a contractor, electrician or stone fabricator please take a look at our installation manuals below. If you have further questions that aren’t addressed, give us a call! We can sort you out.