Bring your Imagination to Light™

Light Tape® was methodically developed to be the ideal accent and backlighting solution.  Always a top choice in industrial egress applications such as tunnel wayfinding or safety step lighting.  With so many attributes, the applications have grown.

Light Tape® EL Lamps are a completely dimmable uniform flat light with no hot or cold spots. Seamlessly cover any surface without the need for diffusion.  Thinner than a credit card, custom made to any shape and cut to allow for surface penetrations. The entire surface is a light source, not an edge lit LED light source scattered through a plastic sheet. Generates no heat and remains cool to touch. Installed in a matter of minutes, simply roll out the Light Tape®, and when backlighting, just place your solid surface directly on top.  Proudly Manufactured in the United States.

Light Tape ® Solutions

Linear Accent Lighting

Wide Format Backlighting

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Our Approach

Electro-LuminX® Lighting Corporation is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, and manufactures the award-winning, patent-protected Light Tape® for clients all over the world. At Light Tape® we believe that first impressions are lasting, and thrive to not only impress but exceed customer expectations. Our sales team is laser focused on the customer experience.  While our operations team dedication to product quality has elevated us as the world leader in electroluminescent technology.  Every year our goal is to make Light Tape® and our product offering better than the last.  Give us a ring, we will make you a  fan of  Light Tape®.  Learn More.