YES! Hotels Backlit Bar

Backlit Quartzite Bar

Snap-N-Light 2″ Natural Blue – Guatemala

Fitness Lab

Automobile Interior Illumination

VOX Cinema Bahrain

Event Tunnel Illumination

Selective Backlighting: Black Lightning Billboard


Selective Backlit Bar

National Bahrain Museum

Backlit Vanity: Private Residence

Grammy After Party 2017

Interior Architectural Accent Lighting

Backlit Wetbar: Private Residence

Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa: Exterior Accent/ Egress Lighting

Shelf Lighting: Night Clubs Marilyn & Vegas

Selective Backlighting: Ackerman Jewelers Billboard

Interior Accent Lighting: Hanson Place Orthodontics

Lemon Cuisine Backlit Bar

Royal China Restaurant Bar

Atlanta Hawks Billboard

Galip Kaynar: Exterior Accent Lighting

Outdoor Entertainment Backlighting

Peugeot New Model Launch – France

Private Home Backlit Counter

Pedestrian Egress System Lighting: D.C. Mall Tunnel

The Little Prince Backlit Billboard

Reception Desk

Custom Beach Residence Counter: New Jersey

Dental Office: Linear Accent Lite Ceiling

Hotel Andaluz: Ibiza, Albuquerque NM

Strawberry Street Cafe: Richmond, Virginia

The Museum of Contemporary Art: Hito Steyerl’s “Factory of the Sun” Installation.

Ceiling Accent Lighting

The (SELFI) exhibition by Darya von Berner

McCormack’s Whisky Grill – Richmond, VA

Brand & Letter Lighting: Ironworks

Linear Accent Lite Lobby: Sheraton Hotel, Dubai

Business Center, Saudi Arabia

Backlit Honey Onyx Wall

Glass Pavillion Sculpture Exhibition

Belle & James Backlit Honey Onyx Bar

Exterior Transit Advertising: GRTC

Interior Logo Backlighting: Understood Consulting

Exterior Bus Shelter Advertising Illumination: Blue Moon

Target Selectively Backlit Billboard

Linder Retail Lighting

Retail Architectural Backlighting: Linder

Croatia: Exterior Accent Lighting

Bacardi Tour Bus: Exterior Vehicle Wrap Backlighting

Bacardi Tour Bus: Exterior Vehicle Wrap Backlighting

Emirates Airlines: Integrated Seat Lighting

Backlit Onyx Bar: Soho Bay Restaurant

Glass Shelf Lighting

Table Decor Lighting

Home Theater

Step Lighting

Glass Step Lighting

exhibit lighting

Grundig IFA Exhibit Lighting

Shelf Lighting

Coda Speak Easy Lounge Shelf Lighting

Light Art – Frankfurt

The Amazing Spiderman 2 Backlit Billboard

The Dome Theater – Science Museum of Virginia

ParaNorman Backlit Billboard

Audi Event

Michelin Detroit Auto Show

Allstate Billboard

Hercules Billboard

Tron Billboard

Jeep Call of Duty Billboard

Quill at the Jefferson Hotel – Washington DC

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backlit Billboard

Living Room Accent Lighting

Solid Surface

Vertical Design


Damian Mall Install

Auditorio Universidad Autonoma Bogota

Wine Room

V Building

Morgans Hotel

Home Movie

Architectural Brand Lighting

Accent Steps

Exterior Accent Safety Stair Lighting

Franz Ferdinand Set Design

Science Room

1st Bank Billboard

Red Bull

Onyx Bartop

Pompey Building

Get V

Crystal Cruise Set Design

Home Island Bar

Coca Cola Sign

Hotel Room

Metro Stop

Cineplex Stairs

Chile Tunnel: Illuminated Exterior Signs

Office Desk

Spiral Step Lighting

Foster Court

Lazzar Yacht

Kick Lighting

Exterior Design

Drum Kit

Boujis Stairs

Bottle Shelf Lighting

Design Elements

Trade Show Booth


Bombay Sapphire® Display

Theater Step Lighting

Ambassador Bloomsbury


Beetham Tower

Home Theater

Sky Bar

Backlit Island; Private Residence

Home Bar

Shelf Lighting

Greece Restaurant

NBC Universal

Trade Show Booth Design

New York Auto Show

Trade Show Booth Design

The Zone Exterior Accent Lighting

McDonalds Selective Backlighting


Tron Premier Event

Kitchen Accent Lighting

Shopping Mall – Johannesburg

Theater Step Lighting

Sparks Billboard

Balcony Accent – Malaysia

Richmond Baseball Stadium

Cantavil Apartments – Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Brigham Young University Student Center

Black Snow Snowboard

Motorcycle Backlighting

Urbach Crane


BMW i8 Launch

Hotel Diva

Almaty Metro Mural – Almaty, Kazakhstan

Nespresso Window Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Launch

Doha Olympic Exhibition

Powerade Ion 4 Match

Fat Dragon Restaurant – Richmond, VA

Pedestrian Walking Bridge – South Africa

Golf Cafe Bar – Leeds, UK

Cast Performance Venue – Doncaster UK

Artistry of Space – Florida, USA

Lavatory – USA