What is Light tape?

Light Tape employs a radically distinctive and patent-protected form of electroluminescent technology. It exists in the form of ultra-low-profile, lightweight panels and strips that seamlessly and evenly illuminate from edge to edge. The philosophy behind the product is simple: a light’s physical design should not restrict design or artistic vision. With Light Tape, you have the possibility to turn anything into the light. That’s where our specifics stop and your creativity starts. Learn More.


What Can It Do?

Who We Are?

A few engineering brainiacs, multiple technology nerds, a wood-worker, a Yogi, a beer-brewer, too many ink-jobs to count, and a solid stable of bicycles including the chopper. A group of unique individuals firing on all cylinders with one distinct mission: to challenge the way the world uses light. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Electro-LuminX® Lighting Corporation manufactures our award-winning, patent-protected Light Tape® for clients all over the world. In 2004 we moved our company to the East Coast, and a few years later, we opened the doors to our renovated warehouse in the heart of the city. Today, less than a decade later, we have Light Tape® gurus in 50+ countries at your service.  Learn More.