Bring your Imagination to Light™

Light Tape® is the longest, thinnest, brightest, and most durable electroluminescent light in the world, that bends around any surface creating a true solid state system with complete and even illumination.

Light Tape® is infinitely versatile- it is thin as a credit card, cool to the touch, and costs a fraction of what LED, neon or florescent lighting systems cost to operate & maintain, offered in hundreds of custom and standard sizes and colors that can fit to any application.

Light Tape ® Applications

Linear Accent Lighting


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Our Approach

Electro-LuminX® Lighting Corporation is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, and manufactures the award-winning, patent-protected Light Tape® for clients all over the world.  At Light Tape® we believe that first impressions are lasting, and thrive to not only impress but also complete and fulfill your design and lighting dreams with the highest customer support and manufacturing needs.  Learn More.